I have been struggling for sometime now to setup a process of mass deploying operating systems to machines on our network, having come from a business where this was the norm its hard to adjust to the ‘get the xp cd out and reformat the machine’ approach they are used to at my current work.

At my old work we used to use BDD (Business Desktop Deployment) but this seemed a redudant software compared to WDS so I embarked on the painstaking challenge of setting this up myself, here are a few tips/documents/links that I used. I found myself using about 10 different websites just to get my system running the way we want it. So hopefully I have centralised some documents for everyone out there to use.

WDS or Windows Deployment Services allows you to upload an ‘image’ of your machine to a server and deploy it to other machines using the network. These images can range from your basic XP build to a build with all of your business/schools applications and settings contained within it (very useful if you need mass to deploy to 30 new machines in a matter of days with a few taps of a keyboard)

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