My high energy flapjacks for those long rides


I have been reading a lot recently about fueling up on the bike, whilst I use gels and electrolyte drinks now on my rides I always find myself craving something a bit more real…after some searching I came across multiple recipes for energy bars/flapjacks and decided to combine these recipes into my own little recipe. These flapjacks are a good source of slow release carbohydrate, protein, minerals and vitamins but not only that they taste good and travel extremely well in the cycling jersey.

2014-04-17 14.08.55Bubbling away in the oven…

Ingredients (makes around 20 decent sized bars):
600g oats
200g soft brown sugar
2 tablespoons of Golden syrup

1 tablespoon of black treacle
200g raisins or sultanas
100g of dried apricots
100g of Flaked Almonds
2 tablespoons of peanut better (no added sugar
400g butter (unsalted)


Additional items you can swap in or add in completely individual:
stem of chopped ginger
zest of 1 lemon



Flapjacks are really easy to make there is one MAJOR danger with this recipe that being you may eat the entire pot before you even get them to the oven :P anyway we continue..

1. Set oven to 180 (I have a fan oven)

2. Grab the biggest sauce pan you have, add the brown sugar and all of the butter. Place over a medium heat until the butter has melted. I actually use a whisk to gentle stir the mixture but a wooden spoon will do.

3. Add in 2 tablespoons of golden syrup, 1 tablespoon of black treacle and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, mix well.

4. Next add in your sultanas, apricots and almonds (and any additional items you fancy)

5. Now gradually add in your oats mixing as you go

6. Use baking paper to  Line a shallow medium sized baking tray or tin , carefully pour in your mixture, flatten and compress the mixture with an icing spatula (or the back of a spoon)

7.  Put in the oven for 10-15 minutes until golden on-top

8. Remove from the oven and allow to cool before dividing into bars, wrap in clingfilm or foil ready for your ride.

coming back to me…


A little while since I posted on my website and lots has changed including a few new or rediscovered hobbies including ice skating (with a view to playing ice hockey) and road cycling having acquired a bike from a friend (cheers Aaron). With this I have decided to target at least one cycling event this year, its hard to know exactly what type of event to hit, I needed something that was open to a novice but also offer a challenge in terms of pushing myself to a new level of fitness to achieve it. After some thought I have booked my place to-do the Wiggle Chiltern Classic Sportive which is based around High Wycombe not far from where I live, my friend Samps will also be taking part in the event and has become a stable riding buddy (when I can still see him after he drops me on every hill cheers mate)


The trusty steed

Wiggle Chiltern Classic Sportive (UK Cycling Event page)

The event offers 3 rides Epic which is around 102 miles and 5,990 ft elevation gain, the Standard which is 73 miles with 4,483 ft elevation gain and the Short which offers 40 miles at around 2,900 ft elevation gain. I took the decision to opt for the Standard event as I feel it offers me something to get my teeth into but also a challenge I feel is achievable.


To achieve this I have adapted a training plan from the internet that targets those riding a 100 mile event, I have kept all of the mileage the same as the 100 mile event despite the fact I will be riding 73. I am not massively strict on the training plan I try to target around 70-80 miles per week at the moment which is week 3. I think the main thing about training for this type of ride is getting miles through your legs and building that muscle memory. The one part that I am struggling with is fueling properly something that I need to work on as my rides get longer and normally the biggest reason people fail to complete this types of ride.

training plan

I am going to start using the website as a journal for my riding blogging about different rides, places, experiences, how the training is going and more. Time to go read about fueling during a ride.. until next time..



HTC One x – Wi-Fi proxy settings


Configuring proxy settings for Wi-Fi connections on Android devices is a 3-5 year long headache for users of popular Android OS’s of which 700,000 are being activated every day , you would think with a product distributing at this volume they would have solved a basic option used in nearly every organisation/school in the world which is to set a proxy server.


What is a proxy server?

Generally proxy servers are used to speed up the process of transfering data between the server and your computer. One of the best ways to show this process is to think about a mini supermarket which enables you to purchase certain items without having to travel further to the bigger supermarket. In a school or work environment proxy servers are used can be used to achieve extra security; how? you can apply a proxy to a certain user and this can channel the user out of a different route on this route they may have added security filters for example blocking games or chat room sites.


HTC One x – Configuring proxy settings on a Wi-Fi connection

  1. Goto Settings on the phones menu
  2. Open up your Wi-Fi settings under the Settings Menu
  3. Onces on the Wi-Fi menu hold your finger down on the Wi-Fi connection you want to modify the settings for
  4. A sub menu will appear saying the Network name and ‘Forget network’ or ‘Modify network’ select ‘Modify Network’
  5. Make sure you now tick ‘Show advanced options” and under the Proxy settings menu select ‘Manual’
  6. You can now enter your proxy details including the hostname and port number, click save and you are done (see image below)

Windows Deployment Services – XP Capture and Deploy


I have been struggling for sometime now to setup a process of mass deploying operating systems to machines on our network, having come from a business where this was the norm its hard to adjust to the ‘get the xp cd out and reformat the machine’ approach they are used to at my current work.

At my old work we used to use BDD (Business Desktop Deployment) but this seemed a redudant software compared to WDS so I embarked on the painstaking challenge of setting this up myself, here are a few tips/documents/links that I used. I found myself using about 10 different websites just to get my system running the way we want it. So hopefully I have centralised some documents for everyone out there to use.

WDS or Windows Deployment Services allows you to upload an ‘image’ of your machine to a server and deploy it to other machines using the network. These images can range from your basic XP build to a build with all of your business/schools applications and settings contained within it (very useful if you need mass to deploy to 30 new machines in a matter of days with a few taps of a keyboard)

Click below to read more (its worth reading)


Dual booting Windows 7 and XP (NO FORMAT)


Dual booting Windows 7 without formatting your current OS

Did this today at work because I wanted to check out Windows 7 but still keep all my XP install because of all the programs I have on there :) heres how to do it plenty of guides out there but hey its very simple.

- First step if you can back up your existing install (just incase :P)
- Download and burn GParted we will use this to partition our hard drive, make sure you get the ISO version so its bootable heres a link GParted Live 0.4.6-1.iso (don’t get the latest one because it has some bugs)
- Boot off the cd and allow it to load all its lovely little files that it needs. Eventually you will be presented with a ‘desktop’ like environment
- In order to free up some space for your Windows 7 installation you will need to ‘resize’ your existing install, to do this click on the drive you wish to resize , click partition from the main menu and select resize.
- You will then be presented with a small box showing the size of the partition here you will be able to adjust the size of this partition by using the slide bar on the screen, once you are happy click resize.
- Next you will need to create a new partition, on the screen you should now have a new selection called ‘unallocated’ this is the free space we have just created from resizing. Right click on ‘unallocated’ and go to new, then select the file system as NTFS click add then click apply this will now create your new partition.
- Reboot your system by exiting GParted

-Boot off your Windows 7 disk and follow the onscreen options, when choosing you’re installation type select Custom (advanced) and choose the new partition you setup. (BE CAREFUL!! if you choose the wrong partition you will wipe your old one the very thing we have set out to get around doing :D )
- Let the installation kick off reboot and you are done !!!




It’s been a while since I have posted.. I seem to be saying that a lot OK I will make sure I post more no excuses really I have had 2 weeks off work now. So normally when I am off work I try to keep myself busy get away from the ‘norm’ and one of the best ways to do is by removing me from familiar surroundings lucky for me my friend Aaron lives in Nottingham. Nottingham receives a fair bit of negative press and most people have a poor opinion of the city, unfortunately this maybe due to its well publicised crime statistics. So when you mention going away to a mates for the weekend in a city most people will assume it’s going to involve late nights boozing and kebabs however this weekend has proved to me you can get a lot out of a ‘quiet’ but busy weekend.

So on Saturday with the great help of foursquare a fantastic app for the iPhone which uses the GPS in the phone to show places of interest within your area allowing users to attach tips to places and recommend them to each other, we came across a fair few tips for the Nottingham Contemporary art museum. Now I’m not going to lie I can find art museums fairly boring but the exhibition on show was based around Star City a military training base built in Russia during the space race. Some of the exhibits were… well weird but amongst these pieces were some really interesting and intriguing propaganda posters showing just how important the space race had been to Russia, I would recommend checking it out its free to get in.

I’m a big fan of sports and am increasingly becoming interested in new sports well new to me. Now I wouldn’t say I am a massive ice hockey fan but I have enjoyed watching a few games over the years here in Milton Keynes and after a recommendation from some friends that a few England games were to be played in Nottingham we decided to check it out. Again I would recommend heading over to the Nottingham Ice Arena it’s a really enjoyable evening, admittedly the beer is pretty expensive but being able to watch a sport and drink is a novelty in itself so I enjoyed my pint of IPA. It was during the game (which was awesome 4-2 win to Team GB) that I realised just how many things there are right on my door step so with this in mind I’m going to attempt to explore a few more ‘new’ events out there.

Peace out


BETT Show and beyond


Wow this week has finally stopped this is first time I have had some free time to sit down since last weekend thus missing out on posting my Friday round up blog I might make it a 2 week thing just because I’m pretty jam packed busy most of the time.

So its been a pretty busy week for me things starting to kick off at work and managed to wangle myself a trip to the BETT Show in London on Friday which I have to say was very impressive even compared to last year (my first time).  The BETT show is an exhibition showcasing the latest and greatest in educational technologies. Unfortunately the event is so huge you can’t see everything in one day and maybe not even two. Lucky for us we managed to fit in what we needed to take a look at, most impressive for me was Lenovo’s new laptops which you can check out here.

Also impressive were some of the VLE (virtual learning environment) technologies on offer. A VLE is a software package that is designed to support teaching and learning within a school over the Internet, these packages contain tools which enable parents,students and teachers to upload work, communicate, tracking students assessment and lots more. By far the best one at the BETT Show was Frog which gives you a social networking type interface but has the engine behind it to make for a powerful VLE but at a very steep price. We will most likely be checking out Moodle which is an open source VLE so things could get quite interesting at work as we explore these areas.

In other news bloody glad to be back playing football after the Christmas break, god bless those guys at the power-league who managed to clear the pitches of snow allowing us to play despite barely being able to drive to the venue. Must of been the only games in the country not cancelled in these last few weeks, unfortunately I managed to pick up a blue card on Thursday and spent 2 minutes of it pondering my slide tackle in the sin bin but I did bag 2 goals.. hoping for a better display next week.

Just to finish on a geeky note I have updated my Techy Stuff page having decided to install and try out Windows 7 at work, there is a little guide on there about how to dual boot without formatting your current OS pretty neat and for the record windows 7 seems very awesome..

- Griff

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